Tuesday, 10 July, 2007

Incredible 4 years...

Today (July 10, 2007), I have completed 4 years in Trisoft Systems. This has been my first job change, RMSI being the first employer (3.5 years). It was a tough decision for me to choose between TCS and Trisoft. I’m glad I’ve taken the right one. I've been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work upon quality solutions with latest technologies here in Trisoft.

Working as a Solutions Architect now, I started here as BizTalk developer. My first project was based on cXML integration that was a success. Another important milestone was Catapult, we did this project for Microsoft Redmond. The product was appreciated and accepted (in time) and is now being used in various departments in Microsoft Redmond.

This has been an incredible journey where I've witnessed a number software renovations and my perspective of software has been improved a lot…from coding to usability, job completion to profitability and documentation to agility.

We’ve moved to a much bigger office in Noida (India), more determined to grow fast in coming years. You never know where I would be next year…but so far it’s so good and I love being here.